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Our Process

Growing our agency from a technical foundation has driven much of what we do. Our process allows us to make the most of our experiences in order to leverage best practices in a manner that is both wildly effective and quickly adaptable based on clients' individual goals and challenges.

1 Explore client goals

Each client presents BlackOut with an opportunity to explore a story that’s uniquely yours. Where have you been? Where do you want to go?

2 develop campaign strategy

Once we learn your story and understand your organization’s goals, we develop a strategy that moves you toward success and accounts for the marketing tools that will amplify your message.

3 Create & design campaign

Our team shines when creating dynamic campaigns built on a measurable and unique foundation.

4 Launch multi-media campaign

As we observe and measure the results of your multi-media campaign, we look for ways to amplify your message, whether through engaging new challenges or by perusing new opportunities for growth.

5 analyze engagement

What sets BlackOut apart from other agencies is our distinctive ability to use the data the market provides us to help you and your company make better business decisions.

6 refine & refocus campaign

As you grow, we constantly monitor your progress, helping you navigate the landscape where marketing and technology meet. This is the key to setting the stage for future success.