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Set the Stage for Your Website

One of the first things we do at my company when starting work with a client is what I would consider a primer on using the web. I have found this is really a great start to setting their expectations (no you won’t be making your retirement plans the day after your launch your new site) and setting some ground rules. In short we try to cover some of the following when we sit down with our clients to kick-off a project:

  1. Think of ways your company’s expertise can help your customers learn, after all we are building (or rebuilding) the arena that you want to promote this idea in.
  2. Consider your website a member of your salesforce and plan your content accordingly.
  3. Be prepared to change how you look at and use your own website. Much of what we work with our clients on is learning how to use the information you collect from your visitors and turning that information into actionable tasks. (Did you follow up with X or create a mailer for Y based on their visits to the site?)

These are broad strokes but in general they give our team a set of guide rails to ensure we provide a website that our clients can work with while it is working for them.