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InnoCentive Challenge

We came across an interesting project being offered by the NEPA Alliance and its ACTION (Access, Connections,Technologies, Innovations, Opportunities & Networking) Committee called the InnoCentive Challenge.

InnoCentive is a web-based marketplace where “Seeker” clients post technical problems or “Challenges” when trying to develop new ideas or solutions to grow or start a business.Registered “Solvers” from around the world will then help solve the problem.

Companies are currently being invited, as part of the InnoCentive Challenge, to fill out an entry application describing the major challenge faced by their business. If your challenge is chosen by the NEPA Alliance ACTION Selection Committee, you will be notified to submit your free Electronic Request for Partnership (ERFP) posting worth $15,000 on the InnoCentive website.

The alliance and its partners will help create a YouTube video to alert a worldwide network of “Solvers” that a new technology challenge posting has been added. This will generate proposals from potential worldwide solvers that can offer you a pre-defined solution.

Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2008, to:
Karen Ostroskie
Government Procurement Manager
Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance
1151 Oak Street
Pittston, PA 18640