The Freshest Site in Philly

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market approached us with a request to redesign their existing site. The direction was to showcase the amazingly fresh produce that PWPM offers in their state-of-the-art, refrigerated facility. We brought in the help of a local photographer to capture all the varieties of fruit and vegetables from various vendors with special direction to get close-up photos. The natural patterns and colors of the produce make a great backdrop for much of the website.

PWPM is not only open to wholesalers, but also to restaurants, retailers and the public too! We wanted to highlight this fact by creating an easy to navigate website where visitors can quickly scan the homepage and click on their desired service.

Since every merchant within PWPM offers an array of different types of produce, a Produce Search was extremely important. Even the most exotic of produce can be found at PWPM!

Check out the new site (including a new URL) here.