David Elliot Poultry brand

After some new packaging designs for their Rock Cornish Hen, our longtime friend and client David Elliot Poultry also asked us to create an informative flyer to showcase the full range of the brand. This flyer is handed out to participating grocery stores to not only educate the purchasing department on the variety of products offered, but it can also be customer-facing for shoppers.

To accompany the flyer, we also created some colorful and on-brand shelf-talkers to be added to the meat coolers. The most important message for the shelf-talker is to highlight the Kosher aspect of the meat – this is highlighted in the David Elliot yellow. Our client also wanted to emphasize that the meat is locally raised and processed as well as stressing that David Elliot is family owned and operated. These are important tenets for the brand and we were happy that we were able to fit all three messages on the small 12×2 inch talker!

Let us know if you spot our flyer or shelf-talker in the wild!

David Elliot Photo 4
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