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A New Look for Benchmarks, Inc.

Thomas J. Scanlon, Founder and President of Benchmarks, Inc. approached BlackOut with goals of an easy to navigate website and a unique place to tell his story.

Benchmarks, Inc. does not offer a particular “expertise” or consulting specialty, but has achieved a variety of goals for its clients depending on their specific need and its ability to get things done in Washington. This notion is highlighted throughout the site with bold, colorful hero images of our nation’s capital and a no-nonsense layout. This creates a strong visual experience that encourages the user to scroll down to learn more. 

The homepage prioritizes the four most popular categories of BMI’s capabilities (international trade, networking, non-profit management, and advocacy) with specific call-outs. These then link to an internal page to give the user more detailed information on that category.

In addition, the site was built with a responsive framework to increase website traffic and analytics were tied into the site to track user data and to ensure a ROI.