Putting BlackOut(s) to the test with Rinker Generators

With the growing interest and need for generators in the NEPA area, Ben Rinker identified an opportunity to grow his business through an enhanced website and improving user experience. Partnering with BlackOut, we worked together to deploy the Rinker Generator website.

Digital content on the website and on social media platforms is an effective way to educate potential clients as well as facilitate the sharing of resources and information to potential referrals from existing clients. With this in mind, our team developed a strategy based on Rinker Generator’s goals, brand, and an analysis of market competitors.

The new Rinker Generator website is resource-rich and visually appealing. Services offered are clearly outlined and there are multiple touch points for free estimates throughout – an important part of the service industry. And, to be as transparent as possible, there is even a page dedicated to the step-by-step installation process, so potential clients know exactly what to expect.