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From Trademarked to Registered

Some great news for our client RATECentric! They received word from the United States Patent & Trade Office that the RATECentric logo has been approved for Registration(®) for the goods and services they provide.  

Formerly, RATECentric was claimed as a Trademark (™) which is a safeguard for branded words, symbols, and graphics to be differentiated from competitors. Trademarks are a useful first step for your brand, but is largely unenforceable, which is why the second step is to register your logo. After registering your logo through USPTO, no other company will be able to safeguard their work if it is the same or too similar and gives the registration holder superior rights over others.

RATECentric is an innovative platform that offers group insurance carriers and distribution channels an affordable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which can be implemented efficiently with minimum capital investment.

You can see the new registered logo throughout their website and printed collateral.