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Marketing Tip #4 for Successs in the New Year

With all of the digital marketing options available, traditional print marketing is still an effective tool that is often overlooked. With that in mind, we wanted to outline some questions you should ask yourself to get your marketing materials updated for the new year.


What do your business cards look like?

If you go to networking events or client meetings, it’s important to have professionally designed business cards with you. You only get one chance to make a first impression and your cards are a tangible piece of your organization that you are leaving behind with a prospective or current client.

When designing the cards, you should be mindful of everything from the color, type of paper used, and the information included on the card. The information on your card should be minimal, including your company logo, name, contact information, and possibly your social media accounts.


Do you need new signage?

Whether it’s the signage outside your company’s location or the pop-up banners you bring to tradeshows or conferences, you should review how you’re presenting your brand. You’ll want to consider the wear and tear on the signage, the content, and how well it fits with how you would like customers to perceive your brand. If you’re considering updating your signage for the new year, make sure that you have a professional design and quality printing that will give you a return on the investment. Sizes and shapes in a variety of options are available so use this opportunity to think outside-the-box and get a bit creative.


Do you have up-to-date brochures or sell sheets?

Brochures and sell sheets can be an effective marketing tool when professionally designed. While brochures can include a lot of information, you’ll want to ensure the information is concise and effective for the audience you’re targeting. Consider a unique shape or textured paper that will highlight the key information on your marketing collateral.


Remember your print and digital marketing should work together. Include URL’s and social icons on your print material to draw the audience back to your website for more information.