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Marketing Tip #1 for Success in the New Year

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to evaluate the past year and decide what worked, what’s still working, and what you need to work on. Over the next 10 days we’re going to outline 10 tips that will jump start your marketing in 2017.

Our first tip will focus on planning and scheduling content for your social media accounts. The first step is defining your social media goals for the New Year. Do you want more followers, engagement, website traffic, etc.? Each goal will require a different approach so defining your main goals will be important.

Planning social media posts for multiple platforms can be time-consuming but if done strategically, will achieve the goals you’ve set. Creating a content calendar and updating strategy will free up your time throughout the week. Then, schedule a weekly planning and scheduling meeting to keep your content up-to-date and relevant. Planning tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social are also available to pre-schedule your social posts across multiple platforms.