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Internship, Month Two

Another month has passed and I have gained much more knowledge of this web world.  Photoshop and I were not getting along for a while.  But, I believe we reached an understanding yesterday.  I may never be the web design prodigy that I had hoped for, but I am perfectly capable of learning.   I think this must be how my grandparents feel at the sight of computers in general.  The computer I get.  It’s these complicated applications that have been making me doubt my level of intelligence.  Not for long.  My motivation is up and that desire to learn is back in action!

The tasks and projects with which I am involved are great.  The office environment is pleasant.  I do feel I must briefly mention the entertaining differences between men and women.  I have worked for so long with only women.  It has been wonderful and full of conversation.  Now I am embarking on this new journey which, ironically, is predominately male.  Wonderful?  Yes.  Conversational?  Only when necessary.  It really amuses me.  One is certainly not better than the other.  It’s just a simple observation.

I really do have so much respect for these BlackOut men.  What a talented group of people.  What a magnificent opportunity.  I feel truly honored and blessed to be a part of it.