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Why Spend Time With Content?

With a new year ahead of us, we’ve been meeting with a number of clients to design marketing strategies for 2016. It’s the perfect time to look back on what has been accomplished over the past year and measure the results to give some guidance and insight for what activities should be implemented going forward.

One of the biggest items we continue to talk about is the actual content on their websites. We work with clients in varying degrees with content creation by developing a plan which suggests both custom content as well as utilizing existing content from reliable sources. They key point is to remind our clients about why we need this content, how it can benefit them, and how to be sure it adds value for the user.
Google does a good job of over- explaining the topic of search quality evaluators guidelines. Click here to view Google’s search evaluator guidelines. We can break it down into even simpler terms though. We are able to measure how well a client’s content is resonating with audiences through the use of Google Analytics. The reports populated through Google Analytics even go a step further by outlining entrances.

An entrance is a great piece of data. Google defines it as “incremented on the first page view or screen view hit of a session.” So, for our purposes, when a new piece of expert/quality content is posted to a client’s website, we can go back and look how much of an audience came to the site because they found that specific piece of content. It’s a very straight line to illustrate why we take the time to build the content out and why it is so important. Over time, this content will continue to draw new audiences into the site. The content will help position the client and support their position in the market. It’s a very important part of casting a wide net in order to attract a relevant audience and prospective clients.

In the past, clients just had to trust that good content curation was worth their time. Thankfully, these days we can point to the specific number of visitors that ended up on a site as a result of their hard work.

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