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Personalized Google Maps

BlackOut’s fearless leader, Jack, started a habit when traveling that isn’t very typical for him. He recently began planning out his trips in advance. He likes to have at least a game plan when heading out to a new city (or even one he’s traveled to a bit like NYC). Jack started working with Google Maps to plan trip itineraries when he was in San Fransisco and spent a lot of time bouncing from attraction to attraction in and around the city.

Jack has ended up with quite a few maps from trips and they turn into pretty great references for return trips or sharing with friends. Most recently, he used Google Maps to plot BlackOut’s field trip to the Big Apple. Click here to check it out!

Like a lot of Google’s tools, Maps is  a wonderful collaborative tool, allowing anyone you choose to view the map and even edit it by adding pins if you choose. Maybe, for example, Jack wants to go to a new restaurant in Brooklyn but someone he’s traveling with has been there and knows it’s not worth the wait. No problem. That person can go into the Google Map Jack created for the trip, remove the pin, and add new recommended restaurants too.

Maps is a great way to plan a hassle- free trip. And prepare for the next adventure too!