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Internship – One Month Later

A month into this new world is proving to be rather positive.   Complete confidence?  Not so much.  But I have performed technological tasks with which I am gradually gaining understanding.  Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and FileZilla are absolutely fascinating tools.   I had no clue as to the many elements involved to build a website.  Honestly, I do not possess much of a clue yet, but it will happen.  Most of my technological accomplishments have occurred with a watchful eye over my shoulder and my hand over my mouth in anticipation as I click some finalizing button.

It is all so exciting to me.  As I had mentioned in the previous blog post, I have taken so much for granted.   That applies in reference to the many aspects of this world as well as to the daily usage of the internet.  I guess I never thought much about the fact that someone put all those images and texts into a functional web page.  Well, now I am achieving much more of an understanding.

The office setting is something to be noted as well because it brings much amusement to me.  We all sit at our designated computers.  The sounds of mouse clicks and typing are quite soothing considering that is the majority of the noise that occurs.  But I love it!  I have never been much of a talker.  So the communication through email may just be my preferred mode.  I believe that BlackOut would agree.

I am definitely enjoying this experience.  The knowledge that I am gaining is wonderful and the opportunities are amazing.  I look forward to anything that may come my way.