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Happy Birthday iPhone!

I still remember initially dismissing the iPhone and all the buzz surrounding it. So I decided to leave it up to chance. if I could walk into my wireless company’s store and walk out with one, then I would own one. But I wouldn’t stand in long lines for hours on end for one. Well, shocker, iPhones weren’t flying off the shelves back then and lo and behold, I ended up with one. Since then, there have been 10 versions of the iPhone, one more popular than the next. I consider it a victory I’ve only owned two.

That being said, I am constantly learning new stuff about what the phone can do. Here were a few of the little things I end up using a lot more than I expected to!

  • Use your iPhone as a level. Just swipe right in the Compass app and it will become a level.
  • When entering the last part of a web address in your browser (.com, .edu), long press the period key to reveal a list of suffixes from which to choose.
  • Use the volume button to take a photo (when the camera app is open) rather than trying to hit the right spot on the screen.
  • Change the vibration pattern for notifications. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.You’ll be able to tell who’s calling or texting you just by the vibration.