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Meet Our Interns!

Things have been quite busy here around the office! We welcomed two new interns this past week: Tyler and Megan! We asked them to answer a few questions so we could get to know them better.

Q. Where do you go to school?
Tyler: I currently go to school at California University of Pennsylvania.
Megan: I currently go to school at Marywood University.

Q. What is your major?
Tyler: My major is computer information systems with a concentration in CICSO systems
Megan: I’m working on a double major in business management and marketing

Q. Where did you go to high school?
Tyler: I went to high school at Dallas High School
Megan: I went to high school at Scranton High school

Q. What do you hope to do after graduation?
Tyler: I hope to land a job somewhere in Pittsburgh, and be able to learn and shape myself to gain a high senior position within a corporation.
Megan: After graduation, I hope to find a job in my field in NEPA or the Boston area.

Q: Are you excited about your time here at BlackOut? What do you hope to learn?
Tyler: I love my time here, it’s amazing to get a feel and see what the real world is like and how a business operates, I hope to learn some valuable tools of the trade like WordPress, and PHP, and HTML as well as basic business operation skills I could use.
Megan: I’m very excited about my time here at Blackout! I hope to learn more about data analytics and measuring the performance of a marketing campaign. I’m also excited to see the process for how a concept or idea gets transformed into a website or advertisement.

Q: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Tyler: I love Ice Hockey and play it regularly; I’m also a massive nerd.
Megan: One thing people would be surprised to know about me is that I have my boating license.

Q. Tell us one good piece of advice you’ve learned along the way that’s helped you or stuck with you.
Tyler: One piece of advice or something I have discovered is the ability find a dream and grab it and hold onto it, if you put the work and effort into it your dream will come true.
Megan: One piece of advice that has stuck with me is that you should never trust a Ginger. (Megan has beautiful long red hair!)