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Scranton Mini Maker Faire

As the weather starts to get cooler and fall happens upon us, we often find ourselves looking for new and exciting things to do on the weekend. If that’s your case, look no further than Scranton’s Mini Maker Faire! On Saturday, Oct 4th from 10am until 7pm Johnson College will be providing a space for creatives of all ages to showcase their latest inventions. These interactive exhibits will be featuring everything from robots and drones to Laughter yoga and handmade jewelry.

This event is friendly to all ages with free tickets to kids and students and adults just 5 dollars. There will also be an abundance of food trucks and vendors offering some of the best and fastest up and coming foods in the area for you to choose from!

So grab your friends and family and head to Johnson and check out what the Mini Maker Faire has to offer. Who knows, maybe it will spark an idea in you!

* If it is your first time at Johnson College, the Scranton Mini Maker Faire Map is available for download