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Scranton Enterprise Center Web Portal

While many small business operations start up with a bang, it often requires a bit of work to keep them moving in the right direction. As entrepreneurs map out their dreams of starting and growing a small business, how many of them know that a specialized environment exists to help them establish a solid foundation in their first years of operation?

As both a rapidly-developing interactive agency and a client of the facility, BlackOut Design was pleased to partner with the Scranton Enterprise Center in the recent launch of the center’s new web site. BlackOut specializes in spreading the word about the latest business trends and developments in NEPA, and in the case of the SEC, there is plenty to talk about.

Located in both a Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone as well as a Keystone Innovation Zone, the SEC goes above and beyond the norm by offering a unique business incubator space for clients. The business incubator assists start-up businesses to develop their operations in a supportive and constructive setting, offering them access to many services that would not be available elsewhere. This includes shared office spaces such as conference and mailing facilities, as well as networking and training opportunities that are tailored to the needs of developing firms.

In addition to a full list of current clients, prospective tenants can view floor plans for the entire building, as well as information on the KOEZ and KIZ status of the facility. Information on financing opportunities for startup businesses is also provided, as well as a comprehensive list of useful web links.

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