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Scranton’s Finest

The 1982 film “That Championship Season”, written and directed by local playwright Jason Miller, follows the tragic reunion of 4 high school friends and their old mentor, played by Robert Mitchum. Shot entirely in Scranton, it gives viewers a rare glimpse at a town in transition, from the post-industrial boom to contemporary economy. At one point, two of the main characters played by Stacey Keach and Paul Sorvino, make a stop at one of the few operating landmarks still with us today: Andy Gavin’s. Same red exterior. Same sign. Holding up the corner of North Washington and New York, as it has for the past 50 years.

Granted a lot has changed since then. In 1988 the establishment changed hands and its current owner Donnie Surace took over. Over the past 25 years, Donnie has improved, updated, and added on to just about every part of the building and its menu. Today Andy Gavin’s is still the go-to corner watering-hole, but has expanded its operation to become a Northeast, PA destination. And as a Scranton institution, Gavin’s remains true to its roots – often being the first and only stop for parade goers, each year on St. Pat’s.  We’re proud to include Gavin’s website as one of our own and look forward to serving them, as they have us, for a long time to come.