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Coming to a Bookstore Near You

Change·o·lo·gy \chanj-o-le-je\ n.

1: The scientific study of behavior change. 2: A widely hailed self-help book authored by clinical psychologist John Norcross. 3: Your research-supported guide to meaningful self-change in 90 days.

And 4: a new website that everyone at Blackout Design is proud to have been a part of. Working in cooperation with Dr. John Norcross, a world famous behaviorist, psychologist and professor at the University of Scranton, we began construction on the site little under a year ago. The goals set before us were multiple: create a logo that represents ‘change’ as it relates to human behavior, a site that reflects this same direction and utilizing QR codes located within the actual Changeology book, provide exercise / assessments for readers to track their own change online. After a few changes of our own, with design and development, we put our final process in place…and voila:

Stop over, look around and watch your behavior!