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BlackOut Design Internship – Week 1

Monday, May 10th was day one for me.  The five-minute drive from West Side was the perfect distance as to not get myself too nervous for this new journey.  A few deep breathes was all the time I had before entering this new world of technology and other unknowns.  I was quickly welcomed and lead to my own computer area.  That desk area was enough to provide personal joy for quite some time. I later joked with friends about bringing a box of personal belongings with which to decorate my area.  I have not yet done that because the most I would want to display is a framed picture of my dog and that is just embarrassing.

Then began the emails of log-ins and passwords to set up for the various programs with which I would be involved.  That was even exciting to me.  The orientation of information was interesting and overwhelming all at once.  But I was prepared for such things.  Lunch at the Steamtown Mall was rather sad in viewing all the closed stores and emptiness, but that is for an entirely different blog.  I finished the day with a new respect for all the inner workings of any small business.  I am constantly guilty of taking many things for granted.  The daily activities of this impressive web design company is the newest on my list.

The rest of the week was great.  The staff is friendly and quite.  A perfect atmosphere for me.  I was given different tasks to complete like building analytic reports for the various companies that BlackOut assists.  It was all new to me and I enjoyed each moment of learning.  The week ended on a high note because I was able to attend a meeting to iron out details for the up-coming art auction for First Friday Scranton.  What wonderful events BlackOut is involved with.  I look forward to being a part of this company which is active in bettering my native Scranton.

For now, I want to end by saying that being the new kid on the block is proving to be a very special and humbling experience.  I have held my current full-time position for the past three years and I now know what needs to be done at any given moment.  I hope to eventually gain that kind of confidence at BlackOut.

Adriana is interning with BlackOut over the summer and, from time to time, she’ll be sharing her thoughts on her experiences here to provide a different perspective on the work we do.